Mummy & Me Mini Sessions

As mums, we often are the ones behind the camera and when we finally do get in the shot, it’s often the extended arm selfie shot, where you have the massive head at the front. Not the moment we dreamed of. I’m here to help!

Let’s get those shots you dreamed of and capture those precious memories of you and your babies.


Frequently Asked Questions

If the weather is looking rainy or windy (surprisingly wind is more of an issue that rain on a shoot), then I will rearrange to another suitable day. I will usually check the weather the night before the shoot and confirm, although I have had instances where the weather has changed the hour before the shoot, and we have had to rearrange. I don’t think you can be comfortable and happy on a shot in yukky weather conditions. The kids might enjoy splashing in puddles for a small time, but for a full hour, it’s not preferable. We may still go ahead in a light drizzle if that is your preference, but only if you are happy with that.

I provide advice for each shoot, as each shoot has slightly different outfit advice. It’s always completely up to you if you take this advice or not, this is your shoot after all and you can wear whatever you want.  But I often get asked for it, so I do provide it on your confirmation email. One piece of advice that applies to all shoots is I always say, if you can, avoid neon clothing, big slogans, and very patterned clothes. I always find neutral, plain clothing works perfectly. 

You will get your gallery up to 2 weeks from the date of the photoshoot.

You will receive these up to 2 weeks from the date of payment.

The reality is kids sometimes won’t behave. But it happens so rarely that I really wouldn’t worry about it and if it does happen, we still get lots of lovely shots.

We have a full hour to put them at their ease. I find with outdoor shoots; the kids often get caught up in the adventure and forget they are being photographed. There are so many lovely distractions outdoors that I can capture them just having fun. I also have a few poses we can do if children are really feeling unhappy so you know we will always get a couple of the more posed ones, even if the kids aren’t feeling it. And if worst comes to worst, bring some bribes, I know, I know, parenting books will not be happy with me for suggesting that. But if it’s the difference between you enjoying your photoshoot and feeling stressed then it might be worth a little food treat.

I often find parents worry their children are behaving far worse than they are. And I often get asked do I find it stressful, and the answer is truly NO. When I’m photographing my children, absolutely, yes, so I get it from your side. But from my side it really isn’t stressful so please don’t worry about how your children behave, if you aren’t feeling stressed, the chances are they won’t be either and we can all go and have lots of fun.

Lets capture those precious moments

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